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NEED HELP HERE - should I take Testmasters?

Do they mail or email you your lsat score?
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please advise

Score took a big drop, please advise
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My score went down 6 points, I am hysterically crying.  I honestly don't know what do to with myself; I am basically humilatied right now and deathly afriad of not getting into any schools, esp since my score was not stellar to begin with.  I am so furious with myself for retaking the test, how could I be so stupid?  I feel like I just wasted 6 months of studying for the past 2 tests, and I have never wanted to do ANYTHING but go to law school. 

Will this much lower 2nd score hurt me in the admissions process?  I am deathly afraid right now. 

My higher score was a 155 with a 3.65 GPA, please give me some hope.

Do they mail or email you your lsat score?
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please advise


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Sept. 29th Answers
« Reply #43 on: October 19, 2007, 08:25:59 PM »
Hi everyone,

Could any of you post the correct answers for the September test? I tried accessing mine so I could see whether they corresponded to my bubbling, but they won't display properly!

Thanks. I greatly appreciate your help.

Disregard All the Talk About a Test-Day "Drop"
« Reply #44 on: October 28, 2007, 11:11:35 PM »

It's usually not true, and it undermines your confidence in the ability to do what you've already done at least ten or twenty or forty times.  That is, to take a practice or real LSAT and score consistently.

I, for one, only dropped one point from my summer practice average, and I felt no different taking the real LSAT than I did taking any of my PrepTests (sans my diagnostic).  Yes, You can disagree with me as vehemently as you want, but I believe that your raw score will be virtually the same as your PrepTest scores if you buttoned down all the hatches.

The problem is that people lift-off from the airport before they secure the cock-pit.  Anyone who's been in an LSAT panic situation will understand my metaphor: suddenly, you may find your plane breaking apart under extreme duress.

Just thought I would make a public service announcement . . . good luck to all the Dec. test-takers!

Dec 91, Section 4, 21
« Reply #45 on: November 29, 2007, 05:43:33 PM »
Leona: If the average consumption of eggs in the U.S. were cut in half, an estimted 5,000 livs might be saved eachc year.

Thomas: How can that be? That would mean that if people adopt this single change in a diet for ten years, the population ten years from now will be greater by 50,000 people than it otherwise would have been

Which one of the following is a statement that Leona could offer Thomas to clarify her own claim and to address the point he has made?

(B) It is accurate to say that 5,000 lives have been saved as long as 5,000 people who would have died in a given year as a result of not changing their diet, did not do so - even if they died for some other reason.

I got this right through POE but can't figure out what the hell it is saying. Translation?


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Does anyone else feel guilty about...
« Reply #46 on: November 30, 2007, 03:21:22 PM »
...the amount of snail mail they receive on a daily basis from law schools? Today's mail included 3 large packages, each of which contained a glossy brochure, from law schools I have absolutely no interest in attending. It just makes me shudder to think about all those scarce natural resources that went to waste.

Why can't schools do a pre-screening email: "We received your name from LSAC's Candidate Referral Service and we think your academic achievements may qualify you for admission to XYZ law school. If you are interested in learning more about XYZ law school, please click the following link to be automatically added to our mailing list. If you add yourself to this list, we will promptly send you a brochure, paper application, fee waiver, and scholarship information for your to become better acquainted with XYZ law school. Thank you for your consideration!"

For all you early apply folks...
« Reply #47 on: December 03, 2007, 11:13:20 PM »
So my Sept LSAT score was pretty terrible, but I sent my apps in to have them in early anyway. I'm thinking I did much better on the Dec LSAT.  My question is whether I should write the schools I've applied to requesting they NOT begin their review process until I get my fresh new LSAT score.  I know, I know, -what if the score is worse?  Honestly, it can't get much worse.

Did they not get the memo? I'm GAY!
« Reply #48 on: December 09, 2007, 12:09:36 AM »
So, amongst the plethora of random law school mail that I have been receiving lately, I have noticed a paradoxical trend:  I am being heavily inundated with mail and fee waivers from such bastions of religious zealotry as Liberty, Ave Maria and Regent despite the fact that I am gay.  I included that little nugget of info on the LSDAS and I wonder whether that information is simply disregarded by those schools or if they are just naively courting a sinner such as myself in the hope of reformation.  Please advise.

Bachelor Degrees for Lawyers and Schools
« Reply #49 on: December 09, 2007, 09:41:13 PM »
Hi- most boards are talkig about LSAT and Law schools but was owndering if someone had a recommendation for a major and if any Southern schools were recommended as well (Vanderbilt?).  I have found a few that do have formal pre-law curriculums.


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