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Criminal record and Law School application?


Re: Criminal record and Law School application?
« Reply #10 on: May 28, 2010, 02:23:48 AM » name is Nikko Evans and I'm a former investigator with the FL Board of Bar Examiners. The character and fitness portion of the FL Bar admission process can be a scary and daunting task.  Allow me to use my knowledge and skills to make this process easier for you. As your consultant I will:
- Review your bar application and supporting documents for thoroughness, completeness, and discrepancies
- Suggest additional documents to submit to the Board
- Provide you with contact information to request any additional information you may need in support of your application
- Help you understand the character and fitness process
-Suggest actions you can take to mitigate any potential character and fitness issues.

I offer bar application review, which includes the above services for only $99.  Even if you have already submitted your bar application I can assist you.  Contact me at

*not licensed to practice law in FL or any other jurisdiction.


Re: Criminal record and Law School application?
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When i was an investigator people who claimed to have forgotten they arrested raised red flags.  You're only 33.  Surely you can at least remember what state/county these arrests ocurred in.  you will need to review your law school application and amend it if necessary...even if you are already in law school.  Second, if' you submitted a bar application, youw ill need to amend it as well.  You can request copies of the arrest report, judgment/sentence, or disposition so that you can report accurate information.  Hope that helps

Re: Criminal record and Law School application?
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This has been a journey for me. I have since taken the lsat, applied, and have been accepted to Law School for the Fall. I honestly believe my criminal record affected me when applying to many schools. I submitted a FBI fingerprint request to get an accurate account of my criminal history. The result: useless! The FBI fingerprint background check only returned 2 arrest that I had, when I indeed had more. I had to fly to the state/county where I'd been involved before and request the information in person. I got every single piece of paperwork from every case I've ever been involved in. I submitted my addendum(s), along with all the court dockets. It was a b*tch lemme tell you! But I did it, and I'm moving forward.
Its not far-fetched for someone not to remember dates/agencies/outcomes for things that happened 16 years ago.


Re: Criminal record and Law School application?
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Sure, it's possible to forget some details of arrests if there were several that ocurred over a decade ago, but there were times when someone was arrested once and said they forgot they were arrested.  I go to jails and prisons quite often for work and I don't see how being booked into a county jail is an experience one will soon forget.  Wow, you had to fly to the other state? That's just plain crazy.  There was no way you could have made a written request for records or received case information over the phone or online?