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LSAT in December--apply now or wait?

LSAT in December--apply now or wait?
« on: November 13, 2009, 08:33:03 PM »
So I graduated in May of this year from a top 5 public, honors program, but not an "honor's" GPA-3.49.  I got some good advice from some of you before about how to discuss my two horrible grades that brought down my GPA, so I think I'm set on that.  Got great softs.

Unfortunately, I have not yet taken the LSAT.  I am signed up to take it Dec. 6, and judging by my practice tests, I should do between a 167 (a score I got a couple of times when I was really distracted and tired, which I imagine is the equivalent of freaking out on the actual thing) and a 174.  My practice test scores have been 171, 169, 174, 175, 167.  Obviously, these don't always add up.  I know I might get a 158 or a 162 or who knows, but it looks like I'll realistically end up with a 3.49/167-170 combination. 

My question is, since I'm only now taking it, is it too late to consider applying for this round?  Even if I knock it out, would I have hurt my chances for a top school too much to go for it?  I would have to have my applications ready before my scores arrive, right?

So I guess the questions are: apply this year or next year?  If apply this year, what schools should I realistically shoot for?  To be honest, it hardly seems worth it to go to school at a lower ranked law school.  Thanks.