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Need a good supplement for crim pro adjudication

Need a good supplement for crim pro adjudication
« on: November 13, 2009, 12:51:39 PM »

I've included the the relevant part of my syallabus below so that you can see the topics that we are studying this semester. Thanks for the tips.


Defense Counsel:

   1) The Ethics of Defense            

   2) When Will Counsel be Provided         

   3) Adequacy of Counsel            

C.   Bail:                     

   1.  Pretrial Release                

   2.  Preventive Detention         

D.  Charging:         

   1.  Prosecutorial Discretion            

   2.  Preliminary Hearings and Grand Jury      

E.  Jeopardy and Joinder: 

   1.   Same Offense Doctrine            

   2.  Former Acquittal/Collateral Estoppel      

   3.  Joinder and Severance            

F.   Discovery:

   1.  Constitutional Discovery            

   2.  Statutory Discovery            

G.   Speedy Trial:

   1.  Preaccusation Delay            

   2.  Constitutional Right            

   3.  Statutory Right               

H.   Guilty Pleas and Plea Bargaining:

   1.  Policy of Plea Bargaining            

   2.  Validity of Guilty Plea            
   3.  Enforcement of Pleas            

I.   Juries:

   1.  The Right to a Jury Trial            

   2.  Venire and Voir Dire            

   3.  Peremptory Challenges and Batson