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addendum question about cancelled score

addendum question about cancelled score
« on: November 07, 2009, 10:20:08 AM »

So, I was one of the 4 kids or something that brought a cell phone to CW Post on 9/26/09. I gave the proctor my cell phone before the test but I was removed from the center. Since then I've emailed LSAC and told them I had extenuating circumstances--namely major unplanned surgery on 9/14/09, seizure risk, etc. They offered me a candidate cancel, I accepted that option. I plan to write about the surgery in my PS, does it bear repeating in an addendum? I also had some pretty wicked temp. expressive aphasia for 2 weeks. The addendum would just be a list with dates. So not too long.

Any consensus on writing an addendum to list interests and other activities that there isn't space for on the resume?