Law School Discussion

Anyone decided to wait til the following year to up their admission chances?

So I had to move 1.5 months before i was to take the LSATs...feel unprepared for even the December LSATs...and wanted to get the highest score possible, the best references possible, and have time to write and re-write the best statement possible.

Also, my little one is almost 3 now, and by applying to get in fall 2011 she will be in school and that will be an older child that can be easier managed than a toddler.

Anyone made a decision to wait til the next cycle, and how did that work out?  Do the law schools look at an extra year of doing "not much" badly?

I have a 3.38 undergrad. Started college at 16.  Now divorced single parent.  I want a 170 and a full scholarship somewhere, and am pretty sure my personal statement can be very convincing, many people tell me I should write a book.

I personally have not had this situation, but I have a couple of friends who did. She has a little one herself and after graduating last may from college she decided to wait a year to apply to law school b/c she did not get the score she wanted. So, what she's doing is doing a 1 yr program at Tulane (I forgot what she is studying, but I believe it's paralegal studies) and she also considered getting a real estate license. So I guess my point is that if your schedule permits, it may be advantageous for you to take a 1-2 year program of study (Maybe a certificate program or masters). That way you would have something meaningful to add to your application when you are ready to apply for law programs. Or if you can land some legal experience (volunteering) that would not only look good on your resume, but help establish some contacts you can use to find your first legal job the summer after your first year of law school. I have another friend who waited a year, but did not retake the LSATs (did not get the score he wanted), he just kept the same scores. But he strategized in applying very early and applying to some prelaw programs like the LEO, Indiana CLEO, CLEO to up his chances and he is now at a Tier 1 school on scholarship.
So waiting may be very advantageous, you just gotta strategize.

I am currently in this situation.  I applied and was admitted to several schools last year (even had a two full-ride opportunities).  Unfortunately, with the economy going down hill and my wife being pregnant with our second child, I could not justify stepping away.  So far this year I have already been admitted with a full ride to a school ranked higher than those I applied to last year.  I am waiting on the rest of my cycle to complete, but my advice would be do what is right for you and your family.  Law school will always be there, and if you can pull a decent LSAT and have decent work experience then you will not have any issues.

That's exactly what i was thinking, law school is not going anywhere.  I missed the whole stress and excitement of this cycle but the exact same thing is going to happen comes fall 2010...and it will come around faster than we think!

to that last poster you have the right idea and it coincides with what i am planning on doing...which is to start a master's program that can be done in about 18 months...that gets me back into study mode, and does give me something worthwhile to add to the application comes fall, as you said.

So yes I feel like I am doing the right thing.

Only thing is i would feel much better if i took a prep course...but i can't afford it so far. I have 6 months to the June 2010 test so here's to making it count!