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Projects Abroad Internship?


Projects Abroad Internship?
« on: October 19, 2009, 01:10:16 PM »
I haven't started law school yet but was wondering what current law students would think about this idea. I would like to do an internship abroad after finishing my first year of law school, and I am very strongly interested in international human rights law. I found an organization called Projects Abroad that offers a Law & Human Rights Internship in Morocco. You have to be able to speak high/intermediate French (which I nearly can, but have over a year to work on this) and would be placed in a private law firm to research case precedents and develop litigation, etc., etc. However, this isn't something you apply for-mostly you just pay and go, as long as your references check out. I wasn't looking to earn school credit, only to gain experience overseas in public int'l law. Is this a bad idea because it's not an offical ABA sponsored/listed/etc. opportunity? I can always do something more prestigious later on, right? I know this is far in the future but I would need to start saving now and am curious anyway. What are your thoughts? Here is the weblink:

Thanks for your input!

Re: Projects Abroad Internship?
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2009, 12:49:09 PM »
I've just started my second year of my law degree and in my gap year between school and uni I went to Ghana with Projects Abroad and worked on the human rights project there. Honestly, it was the best time of my life, i had so much fun. It doesn't really matter that the project isn't ABA sponsered, because i've found that any experience is good experience, and that you've shown initiative and gone somewhere different really impresses employers. It's also different to what everyone else does, and will make you stand out from the crowd. It also gives you something to talk about in interviews, I could talk about my time in Ghana all day!
I would really reccomend Projects Abroad because you get to gain experience in a legal environment, but also you live with a local family so you are able to experience another culture first hand, which really impresses employers. There's a large volunteer community there as well, so you make lots of friends who you instantly have things in common with, seeing as you've all chosen to volunteer. I know you have to pay to go there but it really is good value, and the in-country support is excellent.
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