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The GPA is estimated since it was 10 years ago and I can't remember what I actually got.  It's probably fairly close to that though.  My school reports percentage instead of letter grades and the upper years I probably averaged mid-70s, with the lower years being... bad.

After graduation I worked for 10 years as an engineer, and I am interested in environmental or IP law, not 100% sure yet, but both have ties to my former work, though the environmental might be a bit of a stretch.

I would prefer to stay on the west coast, I am chinese which where I am right now is not a URM, but I don't know about the US.  And as can be inferred from above, I'm Canadian. 

What would my chances be at some of the American law schools that have a focus on IP/Environmental, or even better, both?

Re: 175/2.8?
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t14 possible, t25 probable. Did you take the LSAT yet? If not, take a diagnostic and see how you do. If you're in the low-mid 150's range, 3 months of intense study *might* give you a 15 point boost. 175 is admirable goal, but not that many succeed at it. If you got the 175 already, congrats!

Re: 175/2.8?
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I did already take it and scored 175.

Thanks for the input.

Re: 175/2.8?
« Reply #3 on: October 18, 2009, 08:44:01 PM » and if you haven't used them...good tools for knowing where you stand.

Also the it LSDAS gpa? If not, you might want to see how it comes out when converted to it.

Re: 175/2.8?
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The 2.8 is indeed LSDAS gpa.  I think.  I'm slightly confused about how to calculate undergrad GPA from a Canadian school as there's a 1.5gpa swing depending on if I use percentage or letter grade reported on the transcript;  It appears that my university has a different letter grade scale than the LSDAS one.  They also report the class average, which I calculated for interest and it was right at the 2.8 mark as well.

I guess I'm most asking for input on how much weight American schools put to ten years of work experience as an engineer.  I realize that my undergraduate GPA is going to severely hurt me, but I was wondering how much of a holistic approach schools generally take.

And thanks for the sites.  I'll check them out.