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Author Topic: 2.9/164 Need Some Help  (Read 407 times)


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2.9/164 Need Some Help
« on: October 18, 2009, 01:53:43 PM »
I have a 2.9 and I got a 164 on my LSAT (only time) and I want to go into family law focusing on adoption and custody. I also would like to become a child advocate at some point. I'm applying to DePaul, John Marshall, Capital, Hofstra, Rutgers-Newark, Seton Hall, Suffolk, Toledo, and Wayne State. I like the midwest and the east coast, but I would be willing to go down south. I have been very involved in my undergrad and already have two internships under my belt. I would like some scholarship money (basically, I would like to keep student loans under 100k with tuition and living expenses). I guess what I would really like to know is whether it matters to go to a higher ranked school considering the field I want to go into and which of the schools I have listed would best suit my goals? Also, Are there any other schools I should be looking at?

Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.