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What Law School Did Your Dean of Admissions Attend?

What Law School Did Your Dean of Admissions Attend?
« on: October 12, 2009, 02:11:48 PM »
Ever wonder which law school your Dean of Admissions attended?  In other words, do you ever wonder where the person wielding all that power -- the one who could open the gate to your dream or who could crush you like a bug with a rejection letter -- went to school?

My law school's Dean of Admissions is a graduate of Yale.  But I am not sure of the educational background of other schools' Deans of Admission, and I think that's an important consideration.  Ever wonder what qualifies some of these people to make the ultimate decisions on our professional lives?  I do! 

If you know anything at all about the educational backgrounds of any Deans of Admission, please post them.  I think it's important for law school applicants to know where their judges attended school.  Some Deans of Admission are not forthcoming with the information.  Some of them refuse to post their biography on their law school's web page.  To me that is a huge red flag.  It's weird.  It's strange.  It tells me that the Dean of Admission thinks he or she has something to hide.  (The ones who do it probably went to crap schools.)

So if you know, please post.  Thanks

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Cooley School of Law, thank you very much!  :D