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Sept 09 LSAT

Sept 09 LSAT
« on: September 25, 2009, 11:24:58 PM »
First time posting, but good luck to everyone taking tomorrow's test! Kick ass!!!


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Re: Sept 09 LSAT
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2009, 12:54:51 AM »
Yes, Good luck to everyone taking the test in the morning!

Get a good breakfast in you with quality carbs/energy food (oatmeal and some fruit is good), don't overload on a ton of coffee or other liquids/stimulants that deviate from your normal routine that has been working.

A good energy bar and/or an apple or something like that with a SMALL amount of water is good for a snack during the break to energize you for the last two sections.

During the test try not to focus on and obsess about how much time is remaining in each section.  Time spent thinking about that is time wasted that you should be using to carefully analyze and answer each question you face.

You do NOT want to be the person being chased by the clock like this:

Time management and pacing yourself appropriately is a major key now to achieve a good score under the strict testing conditions. 

Remember, the really hard/time consuming questions are only worth one point each, just like the easier questions.  Therefore, do NOT let yourself linger and get stuck for a while on a few hard/long questions along the way that could cost you the time to be able to fully analyze and answer other questions in each section.   

When you encounter the few of them per section that are stop you in your tracks mind benders and you just don't know which answer to select, rather than sitting there stuck on it, go with your best judgment, select an answer choice and move on to collect more points from other questions.  Go back and double check those mind benders if time permits.  Otherwise, let them go in order to rack up as many raw points as you can from other less difficult questions. 

There is nothing worse for your ultimate score than letting a few hard questions along the way tie you down and rob you of the time you need to address and correctly answer several more less difficult questions during the allotted time. 

While in line checking in and during the break DO NOT talk to anybody about the LSAT, lawschool stuff, etc. and DO NOT listen in on the stress fueled conversations others around you will be having about it all.  You have enough stress and pressure on you already facing a real administration of the LSAT, you do not need to get riled up any more by thinking about all the nonsense the rest of the stressed people will be talking about. 

Either tune out and quietly ignore everyone else while getting into your mental 'zone' or alternatively, if you feel like being social to get relaxed, make jokes or talk about stupid stuff like the weather or why Taco Bell and Pizza Hut got married! 


Good luck everyone!