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I am interested in American

I am interested in American
« on: September 24, 2009, 05:36:28 PM »
I am a 28 year old sophmore in college, and I'm very interested in American University Law School.  It is my first choice law school that I want to go to.  I am currently majoring in political science.  I am at a community college right now, and I am trying to transfer to Hamline's undergraduate program.  There I am hoping to double major in legal studies and political science, and double minor in women studies and social justice. (a lot of the courses cross over.) 

I want to go into public interest law, doing civil rights and litigation work.  I have dreamed of being a lawyer and running for office since I was fifteen.  I have worked as a political activist, and read about law and politics for fun, ever since. 

At American University, I want to get my L.L.M. in law and goverment, with concentrations in; General Practice, Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice, and Civil and Constitutional Rights. With specializations in general practice, environmental law and policy, health care law and policy, labor and employment law and policy, general civil rights, criminal law, and gender in the law.  I also wanted to get a joint graduate certificate from American University school of public affairs, women and politics institute, in Women, Policy and Political Leadership (WPPL).

I was wondering if someone who goes and/or went to American University Law School, could tell me what the law school is like there, and what advice they might giving me about getting in and about attending their law school.