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Non Trad hoping for T2 school, good UGPA but at dreaded State School

I'm 27, looking to take the LSAT next year.  I graduated with a BA in Film (Sociology minor) and a UGPA of 3.7 from a State School.  I have worked in the business side of film production for 4 years.  I do not intend to go into Entertainment Law.   

I would like to go to a T2 school and perhaps get some amount of scholarship money.  I have looked at rankings and understand the admission expectations but am wondering since my major wasn't in Business or Biology (something considered rigorous) would I need to do even better than what is published?  I know that people come to law school from many backgrounds.   My main question is, what do I need to do to appear a desirable student coming from my background?  How much higher of a LSAT score?


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Re: Non Trad hoping for T2 school, good UGPA but at dreaded State School
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I don't think you'll need a higher score just becuase of your magor, but a higher score will allways help so don't take the exam until your ready.
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