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Advice Needed: Black Male URM 3.4 Ivy, 155 LSAT. What to do?

Advice Needed: Black Male URM 3.4 Ivy, 155 LSAT. What to do?
« on: September 12, 2009, 11:11:11 PM »
Hello everyone. Some background information first: I'm a black make and I just graduated from Cornell in the spring with a 3.4GPA and will be finishing my masters degree at Columbia in May 2010. I will be applying to the following schools: all T-14s (except Berkeley and Stanford), BU, BC, Fordham, St. Johns, American, GW, Brooklyn, Cardozo, Emory, Vanderbilt.

Currently, on most of my practices tests, even after a whole summer of practicing, I have been scoring a 155. I am currently registered for the September LSAT. I am hoping that putting in hard work the next 2 weeks can raise my score to 160/161. I think this will put me in contention for at least one T-14 (I'd be exhilarated to be back at Cornell). Even if I am still scoring below 160 I will more than likely still take the September exam and hope I hit 160/161.

Now this is where I need advice. If I do get below a 160 should I just go ahead and apply to all the schools and hope for the best? OR should I submit my applications in early October and attach a note saying that I am retaking in December? (I probably won't include this note for schools that I think I have a decent shot at with a 155 like Brooklyn and Cardozo). Will the admissions committee look at my application and then hold off on a decision until the December score arrives OR will they make a decision before my December score arrives OR will they not look at anything at all until my December score arrives?

Are there people who take the December LSAT that actually do get into T14's?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! ;D