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What should I do to prepare?

What should I do to prepare?
« on: September 12, 2009, 02:08:11 PM »
I'm currently teaching middle school mathematics, which as it turns out, is not the job for me.  I decided to take the LSAT in December and apply to Law School in January before the 2010 deadline.
I took the June 2007 practice test.  Under timed conditions, my scores were as follows: Section I - 15 correct.  (I ran out of time, so I actually worked 16 and of those I got 14 correct.  I guessed on 7 and I got 1 of those correct.)  Section II - 18 correct.  (I did a better job pacing myself and I answered 23 questions with 16 correct and guessed on 2 and got 1 correct.)  Section III - I finished all the questions and answered 23/25 correctly.  Section IV - I finished all the questions and answered 22/27 correct.  My raw score, 78, converted to a 160.
Questions 1: 
What books should I buy/study to prepare for the LSAT?
Question 2:
I'm planning to apply to LSU law school in Baton Rouge Louisiana and Southern Law School, also in Baton Rouge.  I have a BGS with a minor in Mathematics and a Minor in Humanities from Nicholls State University.  My undergrad GPA is about 3.3.  What LSAT score will I likely need to get into either of those schools?

Re: What should I do to prepare?
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Question 1: The Powerscore Bibles, hands down. Just get all three and really work at them, if you can't afford a class.  Those will give you a really good foundation for big improvement.  Also, order official LSAC tests to practice with.  Get the most recent possible.

Question 2: You could get into either of those with probably high 150s, which sounds like is within your reach. If you are definitely planning on going to those two schools, you could get a scholarship if you improve from your 160. Are you set on Louisiana?  If so, Tulane would be a good match as well.

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I live in Louisiana and either Baton Rouge or New Orleans would be within commuting distance from my house.  I was looking at LSU or Southern because I can afford the tuition.  There is no way that I can pay Tulane's tuition, and I don't want to get out of law school $100,000+ in debt.  Thanks for your suggestion.  I will definately pick up that book and work it.


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Re: What should I do to prepare?
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Question 1:  Superprep and REAL preptests.

Question 2:  Starting at 160, and especially assuming you will go on to increase your score several points, you should be aiming a lot higher than LSU.

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« Reply #4 on: September 13, 2009, 12:09:10 AM »
Q1: Powerscore Logic Games Bible, and Powerscore Logical Reasoning Bible. These two have helped me tremendously.They use real LSAT stimuli which is a big plus. The Reading Comp Bible hasn't helped much, but I wasn't too bad with reading comp to start with; it did help me mark up my passage systematically which has helped some though.

Get EVERY POSSIBLE OFFICIAL LSAT PREPTEST that you can. This is the most important prep material in my mind. 

Q2: From people that I've talked to a 10pt increase from a diagnostic is a good goal to have. It is very reachable if you work hard. I started at 160 diagnostic and now I'm scoring about 168-170 consistently (I still screw up bad on one game each Logic Games Section). If I don't mess up Logic Games I score around 175 consistently. Now I just need to carry that over to the actual test. If you work hard you can beat this test. Good luck.