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Question and Statement.

I am a soon to be 30 year old male albeit minority [half Native American] registered for the LSAT on December 5th.
My undergraduate GPA was not all that hot 2.9 [spread among three institutions in two different states]  Luckily I never had any W's so the 2.9 should stand firm with the handicapping that takes place? I also have a M.S. in Computer Science from a top engineering school and a MBA from a top ten business school, with continuing education classes at both F.I.T. and Juilliard, don't ask why, but I really never stopped going to school...respectively speaking I think I had a 3.4 and 3.6, however graduate school is A LOT different than undergrad.
I worked/loaned my way through undergrad, grad and business school and my resume shows such.  Since this is the non-traditional student forum I seek advice.
As a city boy, been in NYC for a decade and dedicated worker to both the corporate and academic worlds...what do I need to do, earn, score on my LSAT [of course the better the better my chances] to get into Fordham, Brooklyn, New York Law School and/or Cardoza...I will be applying to the night/part time division hence my picks.
Any information and guidance would be much appreciated.

thanks :-)


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Re: forward-looking
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Its tough to say with PT programs what your numbers need to be. They look more at the whole application and try to fill the class with a varitey of professions and backgrounds. Try to see what others had going in. But just do your best on the LSAT and don't take it until you really ready. Also think about how to adress your enducation in your PS, you don't want to come across as a professional student just adding the JD to your list of degrees.