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Clerkship for 2L Summer, When to Apply??

Clerkship for 2L Summer, When to Apply??
« on: September 06, 2009, 09:20:03 AM »
This past summer I worked for a professor as a research assistant and helped her research/write her article for a law journal.  This summer I'm looking to work for a judge (I'd prefer it to be a bankruptcy judge as this is the area of law I'm looking to get into).  There are several in Houston that I can apply to, but I'd also like to apply to a few in Austin as well as out of state (ie California).  When I graduate, I want to practice in Houston, Austin, or LA, so I figure working a summer in either city would be a good chance to establish some roots.

My question is when should I apply for a clerkship with these judges?  I remember last yr as a 1L, people didn't apply until January or February for clerkships.  Given that I'm a 2L now and the job market is kind of tight, I wanted to apply earlier for these positions.

As for clerkships in LA, should I mention that I'll be in the area on X dates and would be available to interview with them then?  As well, should I send my resume, cover letter, etc to the actual judge or to the clerk for the court?

As for my credentials, I'm right outside of the top 1/3.  I'm not on a journal this semester but am doing work with the Mock Trial teams at school.  I competed this summer on the Mock Trial teams as well as working for the professor (as mentioned above)

Thanks for the help ya'll. 


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Re: Clerkship for 2L Summer, When to Apply??
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2009, 10:00:56 AM »
I would recommend waiting to apply until October; maybe November.  If you apply in September, your application could get lost in the shuffle because of the clerkship hiring season.  I applied to circuit judges in August when I was a 2L, and one of the judges sent me a rejection for a clerkship (that is, a paid, post-grad, one-year clerkship). 

I would make sure you say in your cover letter that you would like an internship--not a clerkship.  Although some legal professionals refer to part-time or summer work as a "clerkship," this term specifically refers to paid, post-grad employment with a judge. 

You should send your applications directly to each judge.

FYI, in the past Judge Bohm in Houston hired a ton of interns each summer (several dozen), and I believe Judge Isgur also hires some interns.  I'm not sure about the other bankruptcy judges.  I definitely recommend interning for a federal judge in Houston.  There are a lot of interns over the summer and some great events (lunches with judges/clerks and a reception at a judge's house).  Most of the district judges take interns, as well.

Re: Clerkship for 2L Summer, When to Apply??
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2009, 02:06:52 PM »
Yeah, if you go to STCL, you should have no problem with those bankruptcy judges.  Bohm takes many more than Isgur.  I'd get going soon though.