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LOR Advice
« on: September 06, 2009, 06:47:14 AM »
I just joined up but have lurked for a while.  I wanted to make the announcement to my family before telling the anonymous internet. Yay.

I've seen these before but wanted just some specific input, if possible.

It would be VERY difficult for me to get academic letters of recommendation.  I was not particularly close to any of my grad professors (even the one I worked for as a teaching assistant) and I'm 8-12 years away from undergrad.

Also, I am my own boss at this time...

How old can these references be... in theory?  I'm just not sure where to go at this point.  I have some professional, established friends in the field who would write more of a character reference... but that's not appropriate in this case.  All of my supervisors are a few years in the past...

Any advice appreciated.


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Re: LOR Advice
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2009, 09:19:47 PM »
Ideally, it is best to mix academic with professional LOR's.  However, since you are in a position to only obtain timely professional letters, I would submit two professional letters and one academic - even if the academic is quite old.  There are multiple strategies to "refresh" an old professor's memory of your achievements in his/her class.  First, submit a packet that includes your resume, transcrips, and personal statement - these materials will guide her/his drafting of the LOR.  In many instances, they may even ask you to draft the letter. 

In short, more recent letters are best, without question, but try to offset an older academic LOR with a recent professional LOR.  You will, however, need at least one academic letter to round out your roster of LOR's. 


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