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Need a Hornbook Recommendation -- Comparative Antitrust (US and EU)

Looking for a hornbook for a course on comparative antitrust law, both the US and the EU. Haven't had much luck just doing a cursory search on Amazon, so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Need a Hornbook Recommendation -- Comparative Antitrust (US and EU)
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What is the name of your textbook?  I had the textbook "Global Antitrust Law and Policy" (Elhauge), which covered mostly just U.S. and EU law (with just minor notes on the other stuff), and I just used a typical hornbook (I really liked Hovencamp's black letter outline, even though it exclusively covered U.S. law -- I used it mostly for understanding the underlying economic rationale, etc.). My impression is that the EC guidelines kind of flow directly from the big U.S. decisions, although there are some key differences... but I thought my textbook highlighted those differences sufficiently.

If the focus is more "comparative" in your course, then I guess i'm not so sure.  Sorry... I can let you know if I come across anything though.