Law School Discussion

What are the chances of increasing my score 15 points between now and Sept 26th?

1. A December 155 looks better than a September 145 followed by a December 155.

So would it be best to just cancel my score if I feel I'm not in the 150-155 range? Also, I read somewhere that if your going to cancel it's best to just not show up. But I would prefer to show up on test day and make a judgment about my performance afterwards. Is there anything wrong with that or does it look worst when you cancel after being exposed to the test?

Damn I wish I listened to you people. Is it best to just be absent at this point?

Also, for those of you that took a course and still weren't ready how did you go about preparing for the next test?

I'm not quite sure what to do. I can retake the course for $475 or just study on my own between now and December. But a few people have suggested I look into private tutoring with Griffon Prep. Anybody familiar with them?