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Should I call or e-mail the day before a "call back" to give an update to my...


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resume or just bring several copies of the updated resume with me? I accepted a judicial externship last week and haven't spoken with the firm since the week before.

I was thinking that in doing so I could inquire as to who I will be interviewing with because they never told me previously. Although I expect that I will probably be meeting with a lot of their attys...

My personal take, just take the extra copies with you.  I think calling the day before might just be annoying.  From my personal experience, half of your interviewers will just be reviewing your resume for the first time the day of while you're actually sitting across from them. 

My other piece of advice would be to find a subtle point in the interview to introduce your new experience.  Obviously this will very from interview to interview, but I've learned that sometimes shoving your accomplishments comes off pushy. 

Part of the trick of interviewing well is knowing when to insert just the right tidbits about yourself at the right time.  Your update resume can be one of those moments.

contact the recruiting person and send them an updated copy of the resume in advance so that they can distribute to the people who will be interviewing you.

I'd say do both.

And when you walk into the interview you can note the externship which will open up a topic of conversation.

Note tha bringing an extra copy of your resume to an interview always looks good from a preparedness angle anyways.