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Chances at Stanford or Boalt?

Chances at Stanford or Boalt?
« on: August 11, 2009, 12:23:16 PM »
A little background info (26yr old. AA Male)... Basically for my first 2.5 years of undergrad I jacked around to the tune of a cumulative average of a 2.33. Because of this not only was I placed on academic probation, but my parents eventually stopping paying for school. Thus I had to take a three year hiatus from college. In this time a preceded to join the Navy reserves where I was the top student in my RTC Division as well as the Honor Graduate of my "A" school. In the fall of 2007 I transferred schools and have now averaged a 3.91 over my last 74 credit hours. This has brought my GPA up to a 3.2. In addition to the drastic spike in my academic performance, I have been fairly active as I have sat on Student Counsel (chaired a sub-committee), volunteered my time at my districts Alderman's office, became the first non-hispanic to hold an elected position on the primary Hispanic organization on campus, and I tutor Chinese immigrants in English weekly. As far as LSAT last October I scored a 174. That being said, my top choice is Stanford and outside of YHSCN (I currently go to school in Chicago so I'm actually looking for something different after UG), Boalt is unquestionably preferred. Unfortunately, for a splitter such as myself, these two schools seem to place a premium on high GPAs. I guess my central question is do I have a legitimate chance, and how much will my time off and subsequent upward grade trend be viewed?   

Re: Chances at Stanford or Boalt?
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I'm no expert but I'd guess with a 3.2/174 you'll be a very strong candidate for Boalt, and have some chance at Stanford.  Those softs should help you be able to write a killer PS, and include an addendum about your GPA.  You might have a better chance at Harvard than Stanford if the East Coast interests you at all.

Check out:,4016913.10.html
(Someone was in at Boalt last cycle with a 3.0/173)

this site isn't totally reliable for URM but worth a look: