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Flag Foobtall League-Something to look foward to other than your Emanuel Outline

I am a BLS Grad and I am looking for anyone interested in joining an organized Flag Football team. 8-on-8 league. The team went to the championship two years ago and has been together for more than 5 years.  We are looking for some new, young blood.  The league starts on the opening Sunday for the NFL and ends in Dec., if you make the playoffs.  Games are every Sunday and the field in on Dyckman Street in upper Manhattan  (if you are a Heights dweller the 2 and the 3 will drop you off a block away or we will arrange for a ride, if we can) In this league brains wins over brawn. It's a blast!

If you're interested shoot an e-mail to

I have reported this post to the moderator due to the unsettling level of spam contained within the original post.  It is one thing for a poster to advertise their services for a LSAT program or legal service.  Those are at least relevant to the legal field, potentially helpful, and easily dismissed.  However, this sort of spam is a shameless attempt to plug a football team.  First of all, it is not relevant and has no place on this board.  Secondly, any person suckered into this service will potentially waste great amounts of time and effort - entities which are much more valuable than a minor monetary investment - and will receive nothing back.  In fact, any sucker may potentially find that they've been severely duped and will never get this portion of their life back.  Thus, this spamming is horrible.  If you want to advertise your football team, buy a banner.  I hope you get a lifetime ban, sir.