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Get drunk/get rich.


Get drunk/get rich.
« on: August 08, 2009, 08:16:25 PM »
I am still in prelaw but found an intersting law in one of my books. It mentioned how in NY even if it is the negligence of the driver of the vehicle, the owner still has UNLIMITED liablity to pay the driver for damages. There are case examples of drivers being drunk or falling asleep and then sueing and winning. Apparently you dont even have to be the owner in NY for it to apply if the person drives through it. It gave an example of a guy who rented a car in Michigan(where the liability cap is $20,000 for 30day or less rental) drove to NY to pick up his girlfriend, and then crashed the vehicle in PA(where he would get nothing in that state) and still was able to use NY law since he drove though it to pick up the girlfriend who he was driving back to michigan. Crazy stuff.

It makes sense now why rental companies sometimes ask if you plan to drive to NY or not.