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How should I address my Academic Dismal?

How should I address my Academic Dismal?
« on: August 07, 2009, 06:33:32 PM »
I was put on Academic Dismal 5 years ago and have to do the application process all over again. 

How should one address the issue?  I do not want to be cliche and go the "I learned from my mistakes" route, but I want to be brutally honest and express that I was young (20) and mentally not secure in myself.  That I can and could do it, but at the time I just did not give it 100%. 

For the past five years I have worked in the legal field as a legal assistant and paralegal.  Now that I am older (and wiser), I have a clear plan and idea of what I want to do career wise.  I have emerse myself around diverse individuals, and most important I no longer have doubts about the decision of going to law school.

If anyone can relate and/or provide pointers, it will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks  ;D

Re: How should I address my Academic Dismal?
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To clarify, you were dismissed from law school at the age of 20 or dismissed from undergrad at the age of 20? Also, skip the red font...
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