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3.35, LSAT >170 - Target schools?

3.35, LSAT >170 - Target schools?
« on: August 06, 2009, 03:57:04 PM »
I've got a 3.35 (3.60 in major)GPA from a Big Ten school, currently scoring ~170 on practice LSAT & think I have room to improve b/c my wrong answers are consistently the same thing.

Anyways, a couple additional things about my app: studied abroad twice, took honors courses, and changed a law in a foreign country while working at a Think Tank in the country.  Also took a wide variety of courses & things that brought my GPA down were things where I didnt' need to take but took to actually learn and add diversity instead of rack up fluff.  Also, my study abroad grades from one trip significantly hurt my GPA - took it down about .11 - b/c the country I studied in has much higher grading curve (My grades would have been considered very good by their standards - everyone in our program was shocked when we got our final grades b/c there were no grades returned during the semester) - It was also early in college (Soph Year - Arcadia made an exception to let me in the program & it was one of Arcadia's top Study Abroad programs).

Also, as for letters of recommendation, would it look bad if 2 of 3 or 3 of 3 were from people that I worked or studied under while abroad?

Also, I'm not coming straight from college but haven't been doing anything impressive right now b/c of the economy.

Anyways, I kinda dragged on w/ details, but I was wondering what range of law schools I have a decent chance of getting into, and if I should put any of the above details into an addendum and if they'll make any sort of a difference.

Re: 3.35, LSAT >170 - Target schools?
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Get a real LSAT score and then come back.

None of the other stuff you mentioned really stood out, so you'll be just another splitter if you get 170+

If you manage to get 170+, then I think lower T14 may be possible, especially if you apply ED.