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Need help with situation

Need help with situation
« on: July 24, 2009, 06:16:11 PM »

I went to a state school in California where I was able to graduate in 3 years, but since I was trying to graduate in 3 years I had to take many classes. With all these classes, it really distracted me from studying for the LSAT so I did not do so well (146) and had a 3.2 UG GPA. I was wait listed, and just accepted, into Western State University. I need help in deciding whether I should take the seat there and hopefully transfer out, or if i should put 100% into studying, so I can do better and get into better schools. I would really like to attend UCLA or any other good school in CA. Please advise me with any help or any information you have.

I really appreciate it.

Thank You

Re: Need help with situation
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Chances of transferring are very slim. You'd need to be top 2 or 3 people in your entire class to even have a shot, probably. Forget about Western State, retake LSAT and reapply.

Re: Need help with situation
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I agree. Re-study. Your options will be extremely limited if you have a WS degree, and transfering is going to be difficult... while some can argue that intelligence and hard work can put you in the top 1/3, top 1/2, or whatever, you won't have any power to assure yourself in the top 2-3%

Re: Need help with situation
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I agree with the above two posters. I did not adequately prepare well for my LSAT and had to spend alot more time studying my 1L to get the opportunity to transfer. You risk more at hoping to transfer, plus I heard from an admissions counseler that in the near future the schools may be required to factor in your UG GPA and LSAT scores in transferring. I am not sure if this is accurate, but its something to think about.

Re: Need help with situation
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Retake the LSAT.  Transferring is never a sure thing.  Never attend a law school you wouldn't want to graduate from, otherwise your last 2 years will be miserable if you don't transfer.