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Scholarships available for Kaplan's Law School Edge Program

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The Law School Edge is a 2-day overview of what to expect and how to successfully navigate your first year of law school.  Meet fellow pre-1Ls, get an advanced preview of what to expect in your 1st year classes and learn tips and strategies for how to excel from day one.

The program is led by Kaplan PMBR attorneys and law school professors who will show you how to:

Master the Methods.  You'll get hands-on, practical experience and instruction in Case Briefing, Outlining, Studying and Exam writing techniques you'll need throughout law school.

Demystify the 1L Curriculum. Lectures on Torts, Civil Procedure, Constitutional and Criminal law will show you what it's going to be like in real Law classes and what the professors are really looking to have you learn so you can do your best.

Thrive in Law School.  Panel discussions with 2L and 3L students covering time management, balancing work and life, extra curricular activities and getting summer jobs and internships.   

Classes will be infused with an element of fun, interactive exercises and individual assignments.  The course will take place over 2 days between 9AM 5PM on each day.

Day 1 Program:

    * The Case Method and Case Briefing
    * Civil Procedure
    * Torts

Day 2 Program:

    * Constitutional Law
    * Criminal Law
    * Studying, Exam Prep, Writing for an "A"
    * Thriving in Law School: Panel Discussions with 2L and 3L students

Kaplan LSAT Alumni enroll for free with a promo code which needs to be entered at check out.  If you are Kaplan LSAT Alumni and do not have a promo code, please call us at 1-800-523-0777 so that we can verify your LSAT Alumni status and enroll you for free.
To enroll, select the location and the date below that works best for you.
Boston    8/15/2009 8/16/2009
Chapel Hill    8/15/2009 8/16/2009
Chicago    8/15/2009 8/16/2009
Houston    8/8/2009 8/9/2009
Los Angeles    8/15/2009 8/16/2009
New York City    8/8/2009 8/9/2009
Philadelphia    8/22/2009 8/23/2009
San Francisco    8/15/2009 8/16/2009
San Diego    8/22/2009 8/23/2009
Miami    8/8/2009 8/9/2009
Atlanta    8/8/2009 8/9/2009
Washington, DC    8/15/2009 8/16/2009