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University of Illinois...

University of Illinois...
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Link to Chicago Tribune

Not that this is news to anyone who has been around the block a few times.  However, it does suck when you get busted.

The e-mails paint a picture of how law school officials operated a parallel admissions review for clouted students. They withheld denials until the year's end, cleared decisions with top university administrators, and debated whether to accept candidates with stronger credentials -- or stronger connections. Several clouted students received full-ride scholarships.

In private, law school officials showed their disdain for the special admits and even worked behind the scenes to campaign against them. At one point in March 2007, Hurd asked staffers to collect data about how the clouted students performed at law school to provide a weapon against their admittance.

Admissions dean Paul Pless reported that the school admitted at least 24 "SI," or special interest, students during a four-year span. He said they had lower grades and standardized test scores than the general applicant pool and they lagged behind their classmates once admitted. On average, they maintained a 2.86 grade point average during their first year compared with the 3.2 grade point average for the overall class, he said. One faced "formal disciplinary charges" and left the school.

But their dislike of the program didn't stop administrators from accepting the students.

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It's one thing to think something, a whole other thing to know something.  Money will always be money.  Power always Power.  But Hubrus will bite you in the ass.   ;)


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Good find. TY.