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2.79 LSDAS GPA, hoping 170+ LSAT - what schools to aim for?

Hi, can someone tell me what law schools I should aim for?

Some info:
- 23y.o. Asian. Lived in Canada for 17 years. Am I an URM?
- University of Toronto (Canada), Engineering Science program, Computer engineering (generally accepted as the top engineering program ***in Canada***--will this help my poor gpa?)
- Just graduated, but have 20 months work experience from 3 internships
- Going to begin work soon in a software company, i.e. can include this in applications for Sep. 2010
- 2.4gpa for first 3 years of undergrad (no good reason  :(). After that, went on 16-month internship at Microsoft with good evaluation. Came back for 4th year, worked hard for a 3.83 annual gpa, pulling my UNDERGRAD GPA to 2.75 (2.79 LSDAS GPA  :-\)
- Practice LSATs scored between 168 and 173. My understanding: LSAT164 puts me in top 10%, 171 in top 1%. Hoping for 170/+ for the official result.

Questions1. What are my chances for ANY T14 schools? T25? Comments on "Early Decision"?
2. If I make it to a T25, and score in top 5% for 1st year, what are the chances for transferring to a T14? What about higher-ranked T14's?
3. If I make it to a T14, and perform within top 5%, what are my chances of transferring to T6 or a higher T14 after one year? Would it be worth it?

It's a long post...thanks for bearing with me!

Re: 2.79 LSDAS GPA, hoping 170+ LSAT - what schools to aim for?
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1. You're not considered a URM.
2. Your GPA is likely to preclude you from being admitted to any T14 school.  With a 170+, you may want to take a stab at Northwestern since they do like work experience, but I can't speak with any certainty as to how low they're willing to dip on GPA.
3. Use and to research profiles of other splitter candidates and how they fared.
4. You probably won't get too many people chiming in because right now, you don't have an LSAT score.  There would be a huge difference between where you could be admitted with a 165 (low end of your score band for practice LSATs) and a 176 (high end of your practice LSAT score band).

With a 170+, your cycle is likely to be unpredictable because you will be a splitter candidate (low GPA/high LSAT).  Offhand, I think that Illinois and WUSTL are a couple of splitter-friendly schools in the T30. 

5. Pick a school you like and would definitely want to stay at for all three years.  In reading this forum, I've seen people apply to transfer who have really good numbers who aren't accepted to the schools they want to transfer.  It's a crapshoot.  That said, if you were to go to a T25 and be in the top 5%, you'd have a really good shot at transferring to a T14 and you could probably go to schools in the top half of the T14.  If you happen to make it to a T14 and are top 5%, you could transfer up.  If it's worth it would be up to you -- you may have a spot on law review or professional/academic contacts you don't want to give up at the school.

But really, get a real LSAT score first.  All this is just waxing philosophical until then.

Good luck.

Re: 2.79 LSDAS GPA, hoping 170+ LSAT - what schools to aim for?
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I second what Mona Lisa wrote, except I'd add that you may have a shot at GULC if you absolutely kill the LSAT.

I'd also like to emphasize her point about transferring - do NOT plan on it whatsoever.  If you happen to end up with fabulous grades at the end of 1L, and the sacrifices (law review, professorial connections, etc.) are worth the bump in rank, then go for it.

Re: 2.79 LSDAS GPA, hoping 170+ LSAT - what schools to aim for?
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Hi Mona/Slumdog,
Thanks for your responses. The reason I haven't taken the test yet is because I know I really have to kill the LSAT, and I want to be ready.

From, it seems that I will have a shot at the following schools with the following LSAT scores:

Rank 25: Washington and Lee, 167 LSAT -
22: Notre Dame, 168 LSAT -
20: George Washington, 168 LSAT -
19: Washington U, 167 LSAT -
9: Northwestern, 173 LSAT -
9: U Virginia, 171 LSAT -

Surprisingly, NW and UVirg seem to be even more receptive to very low gpa splitters than GULC:

If the statistics above are any indication, it seems that I will have a good chance at a T25 with a 168 LSAT, and T14 with a 171/173 LSAT.

Given my undergrad is an engineering degree, do you think the gpa will be looked at slightly differently? Maybe perhaps equivalent to a 2.9/3.0 from an easy major? I heard from some forums that law schools really like engineering backgrounds.

Re: 2.79 LSDAS GPA, hoping 170+ LSAT - what schools to aim for?
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I wouldn't say you have anything like a good or reasonable shot at UVA with a 171/173.  It would be a very big reach.  Note that the few <3.0 acceptances were all ED, one is URM, and one was a D-1 athlete.  Also look at the stats of those with higher scores and numbers who were rejected.

Your GPA won't be looked at differently.  It will be looked at like it is.  Now you may get some leeway if you have a high LSAT score, but that's a maybe.  Don't bank on it though.

Re: 2.79 LSDAS GPA, hoping 170+ LSAT - what schools to aim for?
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It seems that my chances for a T25 are reasonable, especially for WUSTL (

If that's the case, would you think it's advisable to apply ED to a T14 where I might improve my chances slightly? If so, which of the T14's would you recommend? NW? GULC?

Or you think I should use the ED among the T16-T25 instead to improve my T25 chances?

Re: 2.79 LSDAS GPA, hoping 170+ LSAT - what schools to aim for?
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Seriously, we should just ignore posts like this. No commenting on people's chances without an LSAT score.

To hopefulsplitter: stop wasting time thinking about your chances at school A and school B and go study for the LSAT. You will thank me. I give this advice from experience.