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Important Questions I Need Answered...Please

Important Questions I Need Answered...Please
« on: June 24, 2009, 03:48:10 PM »
In the fall, I will be starting my third year at Brandeis. I am planning on attending law school but there are a couple of questions I need advice on:

1a) I've lived in New England all of my life and I can't see myself living anywhere else. I assume that there is a strong correlation between the location of the law school you attend and the first job you recieve. Granted ivy schools, stanford, nyu etc have networks strong enough that they are the exception, but does this seem to apply to most schools?

1 b) When I say I want to live in New England, I really mean Massachusetts, Vermont, or New Hampshire. How is the reputation of the Vermont School of Law and Franklin Pierce? Would attending those school increase my chances of finding work in those respective states/Would I end up being limited?

1 c) As of right now, I'm very interested in pursuing Dispute Resolution (but who knows what niche I'll find at law school). Pepperdine has ranked #1 for several years in this area. Would attending Pepperdine make me stuck on the opposite coast for quite some time, aka Is it worth it?

2) Feedback on the Boston Area Schools: BC, BU, Northeastern, Suffolk. Honest feedback please, none of this pretentious competitive bull that happens to pop up on this board. I know BC/BU are clearly above the other two, but are the other programs still decent. I've heard Suffolk is good, very underrated, and I've never really heard much about Northeastern.

3) Suffolk vs Vermont Law School vs Franklin Pierce vs Northeastern

I know I have some more questions, but that's all I've go right now. Thanks all.


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Re: Important Questions I Need Answered...Please
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2009, 04:15:47 PM »
1a) - Yes, there is a strong correlation between where you go to school and where you end up.

1b) - Both are good enough schools, but are relatively unknown outside of the area. Both will inherently limit you to the area for the most part, but if you're cool with that, no big. FP is the better school of the two.

1c) - Pepperdine is a good school and dispute resolution is actually a viable area to pursue, but if you want to end up in the NE, I wouldn't bother with it unless you want a three year vacation in Malibu. You can still get back to the NE without too much of a problem since you have ties to the region, but you will have to forgo any serious alumni network. 

2) - BC and BU are solid. Take either if you can get them and don't have any better options (not that there are many better options, as both are pretty near the top). Northeastern is pretty good, not tip top, but not bad. Suffolk is decent, but it's stuck in a region where it is constantly overshadowed by a bunch of other schools.

3) - In relation to each other:

Franklin Pierce