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Studying for the BAR, huge DEBT, no JOB, WHAT DO DO?

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I know I'm late to this discussion...but I was in your same boat last year.  I was 2nd in my class, passed two bars at once and couldnt even get an interview, nevermind a job.  I had tons of legal experience so I I started my own firm when I graduated and now am having great success.  just get a good network of mentors and go for it.

OP here chiming in YEARS after my initial post.  In my prior post, I stated that I got a judicial clerkship working at the trial court level.  I ended up having that job for about 4 years.  Since then, I managed to leverage that position into an elbow clerk position with a justice at the appellate court.  The benefits are great, the hours are great, and the pay is respectable!  Perhaps my favorite part is that I am now 1/2 of the way to having all my law school debt forgiven under PSLF. 

To anyone reading this who is as desperate as I was back when I started this thread-- Keep your head up!  Good things WILL come if you work at it.   Best of Luck, everyone!


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