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Applying Nov 2009

Applying Nov 2009
« on: June 21, 2009, 09:28:14 AM »
I will be sending all my apps out by thanksgiving,and was wondering if anyone would be willing to read over a draft of my personal statement and give me some feedback. I have a lower GPA (3.47 LSAC from what I've calculated) and have yet to take the LSAT (taking it the end of Sept) but just took my first diagnostic and scored at 161- so I'm hoping to jump 10 points or more in the actual exam after some hardcore studying over the next few months. Will be applying to NYU, Berkley, Hastings, Brooklyn, Hofstra, and Univ. at Buffalo. A couple of reach schools, some that are more realistic and a couple of safety schools. Basically, looking to either stay in NY or possibly head out to Cali for a few years. Decision will be based on a combination of location and scholarships, if any.

Basically I had an interruption in my undergrad of about 2 yrs due to extenuating circumstances, which also impacted my GPA- so in my PS, I'm trying to convey that and hopefully explain away some of my lower grades, while at the same time show how the experience benefited me and actually helped to get me better prepped for success in law school than I would have been under better circumstances. My main difficulty was keeping it short (2 pgs or under double spaced), as that was the req for at least one or two of the schools I was looking at. I have a tendency to be a bit long winded (i.e. this post! lol), so I cut a lot out, but now am not sure if it flows well and says all I need to. Would really appreciate some input on it and any other ways I can trim down/things I should add/if it's too hokey and cliche in some places....

Anyone who's willing to give it a read through please let me know here or PM me and I'll send it over to you tomorrow (saved on my comp at work, so i can't access it to send to you today). Thanks!

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I'll take a look at your PS :)

Just a word though - you probably should not address your GPA/extenuating circumstances in your PS. You can write separate addenda for those. There are several posters on this board who have written GPA and other addenda who should be able to help you out. Your PS should focus on something important to you - an experience, a hobby, a cause, etc. It does not have to relate to law school at all.

But in any case, send over your current draft and I'd be happy to send back some feedback.

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Lila's a great essay editor, so definitely take her up on that :)

I'd be willing to look as well, but I second everything said above.  You should write a grade addendum to talk about the extenuating circumstances surrounding your grades.  Each piece you submit for your applications tells a little bit about you.  It's to your advantage to relegate that stuff to an addendum and free up your PS to talk about something unique or interesting or fun about you.  The addendum should be no longer than one page double spaced, in case you were curious :)

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Thanks for the feedback, I'll definitely keep that in mind. Is it a bad idea to include additional info (gpa addendum for example) if the app doesn't explicitly state that you can or should? Or a diversity statement if the app doesn't indicate that they'll accept one? I worry that I might include too much and irritate someone, but also have quite a bit I'd like to get across... and trying to include it all in a 2 pg personal statement has me pulling my hair out!

And I'll send my PS tomorrow from work, probably early evening will be the first chance I get.  Thanks for your willingness to look it over, I def appreciate it!!

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All the Best for LSAT!!