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Victor Lofts (Room mates?)


I was wondering if any current students could offer some advice about the housing around Camden. Everyone seems to name drop Victor Lofts (even Camden's own ResLife), but is it really that affordable/awesome? A no bedroom setup still costs around a 1k/mo. Looking at the loan maximums that Camden provides, that leaves about $2000 of my alotted $14,000 for room and board.(Assuming those are calendar year maximums and not academic year.)

I suppose I'm asking more or less about Off-Campus Housing 101. I was an RA throughout undergrad, so I didn't really take part in this joyous experience. 

Do students usually get a larger loft and split the cost or is the single studio apartment the norm?

If splitting it is the case, is anyone interested in rooming together? Might save a few prospective 1Ls some money.

Don't know about places in Camden, but financial aid for school usually only covers the academic year, you are on your own for the summer


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