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It will come down to your LSAT score and gpa.  Do not let anyone on here fool you.  I received several declines, wait lists, and a few acceptances.  My military experience had no bearing on any decision.  However, I have personally talked to a schools admissions department that said the Dean was actively seeking to admit more military veterans.  This instance is too scarce to hang a hat on.  Hope this helps.

Thanks USAFVET...I guess only one question remains...what school was the dean from? :)

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TWU in Ft Worth Texas.  The Dean is a military veteran, Army I believe.

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I've actually noticed a significant bump due to my military status.  I've got 5+ years in the Army as an officer with combat experience.  I think it depends on how you frame that experience.  If you try to go all Rambo on your personal statement it's going to look hokey.  On the hand, if you were a human resources or maintenance tech, it's probably not going to be interesting to them unless you have a good story/experience.

As an example, I got into Georgetown(PT), and was waitlisted at several other T-14s and got some unlikely acceptances from the T25.  My GPA/LSAT is 3.33/164, so I've definitely exceeded my expectations.