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Taking Nominations for New Moderators - NOW CLOSED

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Burning Sands, Esq.:
Earl Cat and I have agreed that the addition of at least one or possibly two more moderators who are knowledgeable about the board and who also have an "open and notorious" presence would help improve the tenor and overall atmosphere of the board. Seeing as how both of us have become extremely busy as of late, we would gladly like to take nominations from you, the Law School Discussion community.

* In the interest of fairness, any nominations either from or for an account created after the time stamp of this post will not be considered.
* We'll hold nominations open for 1 week from today to give everybody a fair chance to weigh in.
* Nominate as many Posters as you think would be qualified to moderate the board both reasonably and frequently.
* It would be helpful for us if you could also provide a quick line or two as to why you feel your nomination(s) would make a good moderator.
* If you are nominated and you know that you must decline due to scheduling demands or personal reasons, please do so in this thread.
With that, the floor is now open for nominations:

I nominate PJC (Pardon Johnny Cash).  He's been on the board for a long time and is pretty notorious, but he is pretty fair and doesn't really dump on anyone.  I think he would do a good job as a moderator.

Scentless Apprentice:
I would like to second the nomination of nealric as a board moderator.

Eugene Young
Miss P

I second all of these for their general tone and willingness to attempt moderation even without the official title,

NOTE: if your name was left out it was just because I don't know/remember you not because I think you would make a bad moderator.

PJC, I love you, but, really, would you want to give up being innapropriate and off-topic?

!закон и право!:
Third for Matthies.

He seems relatively active, and he's generally on topic.


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