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« Reply #10 on: June 21, 2009, 07:49:06 PM »
Tier 4 to T14. As I mentioned, check with your school's OCS first.

That said, think about the relevance of your 1L school as you progress through law school. When you complete your 2L year, you will have spent as much time at your new school as your 1L school. When you complete your 3L year, you will have spent twice as long at your new school as your 1L school.

Most employers want transcripts from law students applying to jobs, internships, etc. They will see your old school and the credits you brought with you. You aren't being coy or misleading because you aren't keeping this information from them. I worked at a federal administrative agency during law school and did not encounter any problem whatsoever with my 1L-school-less resume despite the fact I provided the agency with my new school's transcript (which had my 1L school on there). I also had a full-blown federal background check completed. If there was a problem, I am sure I would have been notified.

I realize you are a rising 2L transferring to a new school. I am sure you have received plenty of advice about adjusting to your new school. Allow me to pile on. You may be surprised by the fact that once your 2L fall semester kicks into high gear, no one will care too much about you being a transfer student. You do not have to wear a scarlet "T" to class everyday. The assimilation process is even quicker if you are on a journal or participate in another extra-curricular activity.

I am reasonably sure that no law school diploma in the history of law schools has mentioned that the graduate was a transfer. Before you start worrying about "auto-ding[ing]" resumes, focus on how you will answer the questions regarding transferring that you will get during OCI. Those interviews will likely be one of the last times you will have to mention the word "transfer" during your law school career.

Good luck at your new school.

Re: Transfer Resume
« Reply #11 on: June 23, 2009, 04:40:48 AM »
Totransferornot is right - you should leave your 1L school on your resume until you graduate. The position advocated by GuysRea is misleading. I am a rising 3L who transferred last year, and when speaking to CSO about my resume for judicial clerkships, they told me that I had to leave my 1L school on there. The individual/firm you're applying to is going to realize that you're a transfer student due to your multiple transcripts, and it doesn't look good if your resume doesn't match up. It's far better to be safe then sorry in this climate.