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won't take no for an answer. re-applying for the same semester after rejection


How bad of an idea is this? 
I applied to STCL for the full time program for fall '09 and had a terrible LSAT (148) score and GPA (below 3.0) and was promptly rejected.  I have since taken the LSAT again in June and "anticipating" a much better score.  I feel if my score turns out to be 155+, I should try a formal re-evaluation of my application for the fall, although I have been rejected and have not been waitlisted.  Of course, anything is worth a shot, but I wonder, has anyone heard of behavior like mine and did the delusional behavior get the door slammed in his/her face not just twice, but burn a few bridges in the process?

Yes, i've considered applying in the spring at STCL (pretty much anticipating that is what's _actually_ going to happen), and have been accepted to some other programs in TX that this board has expressed has less than stellar qualities.

If I'm understanding you correctly, yes it is common for people to retake the LSAT and reapply the following cycle. If your LSAT is better, and that is the part of your application that was holding the school back from accepting you, when you reapply you have a chance of being accepted. From my experience, I wasn't looked upon unfavorably when reapplying after being rejected once I raised my LSAT score to something they wanted. Good luck!


I was actually considering re-applying for the same cycle after being rejected, but having a different LSAT score. :-\

I was afraid that's what you were asking :)  I really think they will tell you they won't accept a new LSAT score after you had already been rejected, but you can reapply in the fall.  They have already accepted the people they really want to attend, and they already have a list of people they can accept if too many of them decide not to go.  I think the chance of them reconsidering you for this fall is next to nothing.  However, if you improve your LSAT score being rejected shouldn't severely damage your chances if you apply again.

I thought you should defer to your idea, wishes your good luck


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