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Fall OCI Lottery system v. pre screening


Fall OCI Lottery system v. pre screening
« on: June 09, 2009, 01:31:09 PM »
A lot of people base the decision on whether or not to transfer on their opportunities at Fall OCI.  The consensus seems to be transfer from the t50.  My decision invovles a t50 to gulc.  GULC does a lottery and you end up with about 8-10 interviews from the lottery.  At my t50, the firms prescreen.  But since most big firms in the area (schools are in the same area) go to the t50, wouldn't they always pick the student in the top of the class and on law review?  If that is true, why is it better to go to a school with a lottery system when you will only get 10 interviews, while you can get 50 at the t50?  Thanks for any advice. 


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Re: Fall OCI Lottery system v. pre screening
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2009, 03:39:08 PM »
Just because you will get the OCI interview at your lower ranked school doesn't mean they will give you an offer.  A lot of firms will come to the OCI and then decide not to hire anyone because they'd rather have 1 or 2 more people from a higher ranked school than hire you. 

However, I think if you are at the top of your class + law review at a T50 you will likely get an offer regardless of whether you transfer.  I'm in a similar situation and I probably wont transfer unless I can land a T10 school.