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Awful 1L year

Re: Awful 1L year
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For what it's worth, when I transferred out of my Tier 3 my writing fellow was graduating to work at the bar.  The booze bar, not the law bar.  That particular school lists a lot of students as going into "business," which does NOT mean in-house counsel jobs.  You do the math.

Re: Awful 1L year
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the reality is somewhere in between tgifirdays and ~90% doing fine.

on one hand...i think the standard and oft repeated argument i see on the internet that the ~90% level stats from most schools include those working at min wage jobs is a little misplaced. (and is the argument that the stats include only those who report)  if you look closer at those find very high level reporting rates at most schools.  also us news assumes 25% of those who don't report are unemployed (which is almost certainly high and encourages many schools to go after the graduates to complete the nalp surveys)  you will also see that the nalp surveys include a question about what type of employment it is.  students answer whether their job is a jd preferred job or a bar admission required job or a job that is neither non legal or competently unskilled.  most of the time you will find that of the 90% or so that are employed...only 8% or so are in "non jd preferred or non bar admission required" jobs. 

on the other hand got contract attorney jobs that are "jd perfereed" but are no benefits 20 dollars an hour barely pay rent and your in default on your loans jobs.

so lets say USN reports 90% employed 9 months after.  that's still 10% without anything at least another 5% or so (of the 90%...i.e. ~4% of totalof the total) who are doing minimum wage stuff.  its still a little masked..becuase you dont think about these things together and just see ~90% employed and most of those in bar positions...and sometimes dont put together that that means a total of at least 15% fu&%& more in government jobs baerly covering rent and loan payments.

i wish they woeld report the type of jobs as a percentage of the total not the percentage of the employed...(and then put a catagory for unemployed...that would look mroe accuarate even if you can add this up yourself)

additionally the employment numbers from previous years will be vastly different from this year or next year.