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transferring issue

transferring issue
« on: June 01, 2009, 03:21:36 PM »
Hi people

I would like to know something. I asked my school to prepare a dean's letter of standing and a transcript. The person in charge of handling the matter asked me why I want to transfer and would like to discuss with me. That person is not my recommender and I don't understand why she feels the need to talk to me about transferring. Has this ever occurred to anyone? It feels strange. What advice can you give me? I look forward to your reply.

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Re: transferring issue
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Schools do not like people transferring. Either out of concern for education/alumni and/or budget. The worse that they would do is try to maybe persuade you to stay, by maybe offering you a scholarship.

Re: transferring issue
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Its not standard practice, but not unusual either... don't worry about it.  A lot of schools run you through the dean or administrator before they send your stuff out.  I had to talk to a dean AND an administrator.  Schools who lose a lot of students to transfer engage in this process to maybe change your mind and/or learn why they are losing top students.  My meetings were friendly and professional, other students reported that it was a little uncomfortable.  
The easiest way to skate through the process is to tell them you've enjoyed your time with them and may choose to remain, but would just like to see what your options are in other programs.  Obviously, don't bag on your current program, just in case you have to stay!  I told the dean I wanted to pursue options closer to family and my professional contacts and that in the end I may find that the best decision would be to remain.  Truth was I was out of there no matter what, even if it meant leaving school permanently... there was just no reason for them to know that!

Good luck

Re: transferring issue
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Had to meet with the dean for them to do it at my school. It didn't make me uncomfortable at all. We talked about why I was interested in transferring (I just said what I was doing -- exploring other opportunities). I was offered scholarship money and an invitation to come back and chat with him about the schools I am considering. It lasted about 20 minutes or so, but I sometimes get talking. Good luck. Still waiting on my last two grades (fingers crossed).