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Good idea?  Anyone done it?  What kind of opportunities are availble to a JD/MBA grad that aren't available to a grad with just one of the degrees? Note: I want to work in corporate law and ideally go in-house and become a general counsel.  Would the MBA help with that?

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I'm considering this too but I'm getting conflicting feedback, including from those already seeking joint degrees.
Some say there's no real point to it, if your plan is to work as a lawyer. Those people say there is little of benefit you'll glean from the extra degree over what you will learn in business law classes. Also, most lawyers don't have an MBA, so they might be suspicious of anyone they interview with other/"better" qualifications - it may demonstrate a lack of focus ("do you want to be a lawyer or a business exec?"). This seems absolutely silly to me, but I've heard it from more than one person. I'm of the school of thought that the more degrees you have the more awesome you are, but I guess not every one thinks so :D

If you are a member of an under-represented class, it might make you stand out to have the joint degree. Meaning not just URM but also women. There are very few female JD/MBAs and it might give a boost.

So in sum, I have no idea.


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Two things:

First, I love the respondent's username. Awesome drink.
Second, I was very interested this as well, but considering my undergrad recently denied me admission to the business program to complete my business minor and corporate governance minor (with only 4 classes left to go!). Here's the thing, its ridiculous to go for your MBA straight out of undergrad and I feel like it might be ridiculous to do the same after finishing a JD. I understand that you can look for internships and externships that could be a combination of the two during your 1L or 2L years but at the end of the day I feel it is similar to some international law programs that law schools hype (like some hype the JD/MBA)--much ado about nothing and fluff.

I could be totally wrong but I would love to hear other, more informed opinions on this topic.

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I wouldn't get my MBA or JD straight out of undergrad.  I plan on working for at least a year before going to grad school.  The MBA would definitely be pointless straight out of undergrad since (1) most b-schools won't even admit those without some significant work experience, and (2) in this job market an MBA with zero experience would probably not stand a chance against a candidate with 2 or more years under his belt and just a bachelor's.