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i'm studying apparel merchandising but i've decided to go to law school....

I will be entering my senior year at Indiana University this fall, where I'm studying Apparel Merchandising.  I've recently decided to go after my dream of attending law school and would like to switch my major to Political Science.  However, people have been telling me to finish at IU with my Apparel degree so I won't have to go an extra year or two to graduate.  I've researched a lot and have been told by my academic advisers that it doesn't matter what undergrad degree I have because most schools only care about how you do on your LSAT and your overall GPA.  Is this true?  Also, what are your thoughts on the IU Law School, as far as reputation goes?


Don't bother switching... your undergrad major has little bearing on your admission to law school. In fact, having a non Poli-Sci/Pre-Law degree probably increases your admission chances simply because it makes you stand out as something different whent he school is trying to admit a 'diverse' student body. It won't make up for a lower LSAT or GPA, but when deciding whether to make the offer to you or to someone with the exact same GPA and LSAT as you, it's a difference that they'll consider in your favor...
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I agree with Rob; your major doesn't matter.
Indiana is supposed to have a good reputation, but just how good it is (and whether or not it's an "almost Ivy" school) has been the subject of some contentious debate lately.

I went to IU and applied this cycle (08-09) so I'll offer advice:

As stated above, don't switch your major. You are correct, undergrad majors don't matter. The only thing that matters is your overall GPA and your LSAT score. This is because those two factors are paramount when US News and World Report calculates their annual law school rankings. Law schools consider these rankings to be extremely important, so all other factors (whether you had a difficult undergrad major, or double major, or worked full-time during school, or was a captain of an athletic team, etc.) are considered "soft" factors and don't mean a great deal, except for tiebreakers.

I'd stop worrying about changing your major and instead work on getting a good LSAT score. Indiana's HPPLC department offers a really affordable LSAT course and you should get signed up for that. When I took it we met Tuesdays and Saturdays in Ballantine Hall for about three hours at a time for 6-8 weeks. I took the course twice and improved my diagnostic LSAT score considerably.

Elle Woods majored in Fashion Merchandising and got into Harvard. If she can do it so can you!
Seriously though, in echo of the other posters, it would be a waste of time to switch majors this late in the game.


Elle Woods majored in Fashion Merchandising and got into Harvard. If she can do it so can you!

I lolled at this.