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Need your advise - Please help!!


I need thoughts on whether I should go to Syracuse with a tuition scholarship of $26k (total fee $43k) renewable over three years or to Rutgers (Camden) without any money and out of state tuition ($33k/yr). I am a non-traditional international applicant; I have 5 years of work experience in the finance sector, have an MBA (finance) and want to specialize in corporate law/taxation. My goal is to do well in 1L and hopefully be able to move to Columbia/NYU/Fordham/Cornell/UPenn next year. Will it make a difference when transferring if I went to Syracuse or Rutgers, provided I am in top 10% in 1L at both schools? I have to make second deposits soon, and am really in a quandary. I would love to save $16k by going to Syr instead of Rutgers, but I don't want to jeopardize my transfer chances. Any and all thoughts will be much greatly appreciated!!

Thanks so much in advance!

For some of your transfer targets (it's great you are considering this at this stage, btw) a better school means stronger competition and may make the school look more favorably on you.

Don't go to a school expecting to transfer.  Go to a school where you will be satisfied w/ the degree.  Even if you plan to study your butt off, no matter where you go other, smarter, people will be doing the same thing.  Transferring is a crapshoot.


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