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Rutgers-Camden v. Ohio St and Fordham

Rutgers-Camden v. Ohio St and Fordham
« on: May 25, 2009, 01:50:20 PM »

I was wondering what you guys thought about transferring from Rutgers Camden to either Fordham or Ohio St.  I want to eventually be in NYC so that would be my only hesitation with Ohio St.  But with Fordham, is 60k a year vs. 30k a year at Rutgers worth moving up the rankings and attending a school like Fordham?  Additionally, how much worse do transfers fare in on campus recruiting or second year internships in general for that matter? 


Re: Rutgers-Camden v. Ohio St and Fordham
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I think the NYC law schools are way overpriced. I thought about attending a certain school located in NYC, however due to the higher than average tuition plus crazy living expenses, I gave up. My recommendation for NYC schools is not to attend a school unless you are certain it does bring better job prospects in the long run. Then it would be worth the investment.
Good luck