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Re: Liberty Law School
« Reply #40 on: March 08, 2010, 07:25:51 PM »
Honestly, until your in it dude you don't really know and I am only a 1L so I truthfully don't know that much either.

I have worked in two large firms and yes you can be in trial right after school generally under supervision of a senior attorney, but you still have the opportunity to prove yourself. Even law students can argue in court under supervision and when I was working the student interns often argued the case instead under the supervision of an attorney granted they were usually very simple matters, but they saw a courtroom.

The pedigree means something, but it is not everything when I worked in the New York Law Department we had 10 interns in my little department  4 from NYLS, 1 from Michigan, 2 from Harvard, 2 from Suffolk, and 1 from Hofstra. This was their 2L job and at the end they pretty much get conditional offers of employment if they wanted it and did a good during the summer. 9 out of the 10 got offered a job, but the Michigan student didn't. I played basketball with the attorneys, which is the whole reason I got hired in the first place  help their little intramural team out,  but I talked to them a lot and asked why she didn't get hired and they just said she was terrible, she was not hard working and her work was sloppy. She was top 10% of her class at Michigan, but she couldn't hack it in actual work.  It really doesn't matter your grades etc, if you don't do a good job it doesn't matter what school you went to etc. You will have the door opened, but you can close it yourself real quick.  I will analogize to sports look at what happened with the Cowboys when Tony Romo came in to replace Drew Bledsoe. Drew Bledsoe was a number one draft pick, but honestly he wasn't that good. Drew Bledose actually gave rise to two great unpedigreed players now that I think about it first  Tom Brady replaced him a 6th round pick who nobody expected anything from, but Tom Brady could play and Drew was gone the next year after they discovered how good Brady was and they didn't care much about Bledsoe's Pedigree. Then he went to the Cowboys and he still wasn't that good and they put Tony Romo in an unpedigreed and undrafted player who again could play, again Drew Bledsoe and his Pedigree was sent packing. Drew Bledsoe's Pedigrees gave him some opportunities, but the bottom line was he couldn't play and that is how business works. If you prove yourself it will work out, no matter who you are or where your from. If you have a pedigree it helps without question, but you still got to prove yourself. Drew Bledosoe was not even that big of a disappointment I could go on with all the pedigreed college player busts and 2nd round undrafted studs that came out of nowhere in every sport. Honestly that is the real world the pedigree helps you get your foot in the door I will not argue that, but no matter what you have to prove yourself.

Good for you for getting into a law school with a scholarship, honestly that is really great. However, until you are in it you really shouldn't be degrading schools and even if you were in it you shouldn't degrade schools you know nothing about. I have mentioned by two friends that went to Hastings with scholarships, but guess what they finished in the bottom 75% of the class lost their scholarship at the end of the first year and both just failed the bar. They like Bledsoe and the numerous pedigreed college players didn't perform and no employer gives a damn about the fact they went to a great school. Honestly, I know quite a few graduates and those are the only two I know that are really truly struggling. Hastings is certainly a great school and I am not taking anything away from it, but it just goes to show that you need to prove yourself. Going to a good school will not guarantee you anything. I am not arguing it doesn't help, but it is no guarantee and once you are actually in school you will gain respect for all law students.


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Re: Liberty Law School
« Reply #41 on: March 09, 2010, 06:48:42 AM »
Ok, this thread is ripe for closure.

For whatever reason, liberty just stirs up too many emotions in people.