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There's 3 weeks left till the june 8th exam and i am signed up for it.  so far my PTs have been around 163ish (5/6 wrong on LRs; 0/3 wrong on LGs; and 4/6 wrong on RCs). 

Is it possible to raise it about 10-15 points in three weeks? has anyone done it?!? any advice?!? Thanks!

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maybe i'm completely wrong here, but you need to calm the @#!* down.  i'm sure it's possible to jump 10-15 points but you need to set yourself at realistic and attainable goals.  you can definitely boost your score significantly in 3 weeks, mine went up about 8 points, but i seriously think you're studying too much and being too hard on yourself.  this is why you aren't seeing the results jump that you've been looking for since march.  remember that you can always retake the LSAT too.


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hahah, i love the fact that you remember that i've been studying since march. I mean I'm not going "crazy" really.  I've just been doing tons of hw that testmasters has given me and doing PTs on the side - of course everything timed. I'm not overly crazy about the 15 pt jump but 11-13 would be nice.

just did 2 sections (LR and LG) 4 wrong in LR 1 wrong in LG. thank GOD I'm getting a grip around the LR section.

thanks for your input liz. and retaking it really isn't an optimal option for me.  but of course if it comes down to it there is the sept/oct exam.

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Seems like your doing really well.  I am also taking the June 8th test, been studying since March.  I have taken 13 pt's ranging from 150-163.  Hoping to get a 160 or above, took a powerscore weekend course last weekend, and have been stuck in that range but I am hoping to break out and do well on the test.  I spoke to the guy who taught the class, and he was saying that so much of the test is nerves, and I am already freaking out, so I hope I can be calm  on test day.

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...took a powerscore weekend course last weekend...

Can you elaborate on this?  I'm curious how they can fit all the information into 16 hours.

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The class was approached or taught as if you have done nothing up to this point, and had no idea about the LSAT.  The instructor goes over each type of question and explains how to answer the questions and gives you tips, clues to help you figure out each type of question.  Gives you other types of tips about the test, and tips for saving time.  I got a few things out of the class, mostly it made me feel good about my preparation so far, and it gave me a few tips and some more confidence about taking the test.  The class covers each type of question you answer some of each and move on.  I wouldn't take this class and go from there, I think study for a while and use this class to give you a few tips and learn some things that maybe you didn't know.


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You'll have to tell me what you thought since I am on the next test.

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Nothing help you. June test be hardest ever.

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well, i don't know how feasible it is because put into perspective that point jump means reducing your percentile score by a factor of more than 10. effectively you want to get from being out of the 10 best takers in a 100 people exam room to being the best in a 100 people exam room.

That being said, i think you should have a couple of days of LR marathon. Only LR for long long periods of time. When I am doing a full test, I feel like i don't remember my mistakes and forget implement strategies i unconsciously devise. I found myself thinking and living LR after 10 sections LR without a break.