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All 1L & 2L Study Aides (Civ Pro, Con Law, Contracts, Crim Law, Prop, Torts...)

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This is a collection of all the study aides I've accumulated throughout my first two years at law school.  This is probably around $500 worth of books when bought new.  I'll assume if you're even looking for these on EBay you understand they're helpful in law school - so here goes my best attempt at summarizing what's there.  Please just ask if you have any questions.

I bought all of these new (except for the Civil Procedure E&E) and they have standard highlighting/underlining.  Some were used more than others, but generally they are all in great condition.

Standard 1L Classes

Civil Procedure
Examples & Explanations, Civil Procedure, Fourth Edition, Joseph W. Glannon, ISBN:  0-7355-1982-X
Law in a Flash (Flash cards), Civil Procedure Part 1, Emanuel, ISBN:  0-7355-5169-3

Constitutional Law
Emanuel Law Outlines, Constitutional Law, Steven L. Emanuel, ISBN:  978-0-7355-6298-1
Examples & Explanations, Constitutional Law - National Power and Federalism, Fourth Edition, Christopher N. May and Allen Ides, ISBN:  0-7355-6211-3

Emanuel Law Outlines, Contracts, Steven L. Emanuel, ISBN:  0-7355-5817-5
Examples & Explanations, Contracts, Fourth Edition, Brian A. Blum, ISBN:  978-0-7355-6241-7
Law in a Flash (Flash cards), Contracts, Emanuel, ISBN:  0-7355-5173-1

Criminal Law
Examples & Explanations, Criminal Law, Fourth Edition, Richard G. Singer & John Q. La Fond, ISBN:  978-0-7355-6243-1

Examples & Explanations, Property, Second Edition, Barlow Burke and Joseph Snoe, ISBN:  0-7355-3979-0

Gilbert Law Summaries, Torts, Marc A. Franklin, ISBN:  0-15900-755-0

Additional Classes

Business Associations
NutShell, Business Associations, Joseph Shade, ISBN:  978-0-314-16280-9

Commercial Law - Secured Transactions
Examples & Explanations, Secured Transactions, Fourth Edition, James Brook, ISBN:  978-0-7355-6797-9
Law in a Flash (Flash Cards), Secured Transactions, Emanuel, (Unopened, can't get to ISBN)

Law in a Flash (Flash Cards), Evidence, Emanuel, ISBN:  0-7355-5184-7

Intellectual Property
Examples & Explanations, Intellectual Property, Second Edition, Stephen M. McJohn, ISBN:  0-7355-5665-2

Legal Ethics
Gilbert Law Summaries, Legal Ethics, Thomas D. Morgan, ISBN:  0-314-15633-X


Do you still have the 1L books for sale? How much will you be willing to sell the entire set for? Will you be willing to ship the entire set over to NJ?