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Georgetown Transfers: class of 2011 thread: Housing, Scheduling, DC Questions...

I'm working on the same thing - figuring out what would be the best amount.  I was thinking this:

Corporations (4 Credits)
Tax Law I (4 Credits)
Evidence (4 Credits)
Professional Responsibility (2 Credits)

14 credits, to take it light to get adjusted to a new school, participate in OCI, and (hopefully!!!) work on a journal.  Any thoughts or suggestions?  I was also thinking about switching something out for Administrative Law.  Maybe PR? 

Sam - how many credits are you going to aiming to take?  I'm worried that I'm going to have too few and not end up on a journal, or take too many and be swamped first semester. 

Also, PM me!  Maybe we could meet up before Orientation or something for coffee.  I'd love to know a few people before school starts. 


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I was also thinking about switching something out for Administrative Law.  Maybe PR?   

Admin law is HARD. PR is a cakewalk. Since you are already taking substantive courses I would say admin is a bit much.

As a general matter, I wouldn't take more than 14 credits this semester especially if you are interviewing out of state. The callbacks killed my class attendance for the first two months.
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Thanks nealric.  I really appreciate the advice. 

The information is all on the Accepted Students site.  I think that the deadline to enter your bids was July 31st...I'd give them a call ASAP. 

Bidding for classes? I have heard nothing of the sort as of yet. When/where are these bid opportunities? I have received no such information.

Transfer check your g-town email.

You have to sign up (bid) for classes on myaccess under registration. A little tricky but nothing bad at all. They extended the deadline to either yesterday or today, just give them a call, I did and they were very helpful.

So as far as living situations...What has everyone decided or done.

Any advice, I am going to look at apartments next week. I have been using craigslist, any other websites or places to check out in order to get a place to live next year?