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1L Supplements, Hornbooks, Casebooks for sale (Cornell Law)

I have tons of supplements, hornbooks, and casebooks.  Used for 1L at Cornell Law School!  Most are in good or very good condition otherwise noted.  Prices as marked but if you are willing to purchase all the supplements for each course, will negotiate.  Pickup in Ithaca, NY. Cash only.

Torts Law in a Flash : $15
Gilbert  Law Summaries: $20
Principles of Tort Law: $15
CrunchTime Torts: $20
Torts E&E – Glannon: $25
The Torts Process (casebook) – Henderson, Pearson, Kysar, Silicano (7th ed): $60 – highlighted and marked

Criminal Law
Criminal Law Black Letter Outlines: $20
Criminal Law Emanuel Law Outlines:  $20
Criminal Law casebook – Dressler (4th edition): $73 – some pages highlighted but not much

Constitutional Law
Crunch Time Constitutional Law: $20
Constitutional Law Black Letter Series – Barron & Dienes: $20
Crunch Time Constitutional Law: $20
E & E Constitutional Law: National Power and Federalism – 3rd edition: $25
Constitutional Law Gilbert Law Summaries: $20
E&E Constitutional Law: Individual Rights (2nd edition): $25
Constitutional Law hornbook – Nowak, Rotunda, Young: $25

Casenote Legal Briefs – Property: $15
Introduction to Property – Singer (Aspen, 2nd edition): $25
Siegel’s Property – Essays and Multiple Choice Q&A: $20
Casenote Legal Briefs- Property (keyed to Dukeminier, Krier): $15
Gilbert Law Summaries – Property: $15 heavily marked
Emmanuel’s  Law Summaries – Property: $20

Civil Procedure
Legalines – Civil Procedure (keyed to Cound): $15
Civil Procedure  Exam Pro: $15
Civil Procedure Casenote Legal Briefs – keyed to Field, Kaplan, Clermont: $15
Civil Procedure E & E – Glannon: $20
Civil Procedure Emmanuel Law Summaries: $20
Contract and Relations Obligations – Summers & Hillman (5th edition): $80 highlighted or marked
Contracts – Black Letter Series (3rd ed): $20
Contracts Legalines – Sessler: $15
Contracts E & E – Bum: $20
P Siegel’s Contracts Multiple Choice: $20
Principles of Contract Law hornbook – Hillman: $15

Planet Law School II: $15
Basic Legal Research: Tools and Strategies – Sloan (3rd edition): $15
LEEWS: $40

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Respond to if interested in purchasing above supplements.

Re: 1L Supplements, Hornbooks, Casebooks for sale (Cornell Law)
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I am interested in buying your all books which you mention in the post but I need a better price. Give me good price of all these books. IF I want to buy your entire book then how much discount you offer?
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